Burst Resistant Fitballs for Stretching and Balance

a couple exercising on green grass near the building
Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com
Every kid loves bouncy balls. No matter how advanced, electronic, or “ahead of their time” a toy may be, kids still love the classic toys – like balls! Balls are not just for kickball anymore, however. A fitball, or balance ball, is a great tool to have around. One emerging trend is to use a balance ball as seating. Some teachers are now using these in their classrooms instead of chairs. Several studies have shown that as many as 90% of students do not fit their classroom furniture properly. A balance ball, like the Gymnic Maxafe ball is a great replacement for traditional chairs.
These balls are fantastic for fidgety kids, because the kids focus their extra energy into staying balanced. These balance balls offer lots of other benefits as well. Balance balls promote proper posture, balance, trunk control, and more. Balls like the FitBall are a big hit with music teachers as well. Proper posture is imperative when playing a musical instrument, so this type of ball is a perfect choice for music classes. Balls can also promote group play with children.
If safety is a concern for some people, there’s no need to worry with the  Fitball. This FitBall is the only burst resistant ball with dynamic elasticity. It is made from a special material that resists bursting, because it stops a cut from expanding. Rather than bursting, the ball will deflate slowly if punctured. The FitBall is also weight tested for over six hundred pounds, so it is a perfect choice for anyone. Not only is the FitBall a great choice for the physical benefits, but it’s also a fun, colorful, and funky choice for furniture.
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