Implementing augmented reality (AR) technology into your curriculum can help your students become more excited about actively engaging in learning within your classroom. There are many apps that don’t require the knowledge of extensive coding such as Experience Real History (ERH). This app gives students the ability to view history at a firsthand glance through reality boards and cards that bring historical events to life when teaching about several essential history lessons such as the Alamo.

Key Takeaways:

  • Augmented reality, which is designed to overlay tech-applied content over the real world, is becoming a useful educational tool.
  • Curiscope is an augmented reality app, cleverly designed as a t-shirt with embedded code.
  • App users can actually explore the human body and its anatomy by using Curiscope.

“While Donally understands that AR tech is still growing, she believes it’s important for teachers to integrate it, where applicable, in their lessons.”

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