Checklist for Lesson Planning

When planning a lesson, always start with a clear understanding of what the purpose of the lesson is, to include being able to explicitly link it to your school system’s core standards. Figure out early on what connections may exist to other lessons or subjects, and list any additional materials you will need. You should also think early about possible ways of accommodating gifted students or those with learning disabilities. Always close by summarizing what returners have should have learned.

Key Takeaways:

  • Always start by knowing the purpose behind the lesson, and being able to connect it to your locality’s core standards.
  • Be sure to check for and explain connections between future lessons and past lessons.
  • Be sure to list any additional supplies you may need, and to figure out any needed modifications for gifted or disabled students.

“By using this lesson planning checklist, you can be well prepared and perhaps even cut down on the time needed in preparation.”

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