Checklist to help Kids with Disabilities get Organized

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There is a lot to think about when it comes to school for parents of kids with disabilities than just buying notebooks and outfits.  A special needs mother made this wonderful checklist for students with special needs. It is written by an experienced parent who has made this journey from summer to school for her own child.

One of the most important item she stresses is to follow up with the school making certain everything is in place and ready for your child when school begins. It is also good to ensure that the teacher and anyone else involved with your child has a copy of the IEP.

Did you check your child’s clothes for irritating things, like itchy labels, that can distract them?

Another aspect to consider is to make sure any special equipment (such as ramps)is up and available.  Also, make sure that people with special training are prepared for the student.  You may need to call repeatedly to ensure it goes right, and you may need to do it daily.

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