Class Jobs Teach Responsibilitiy to Students

Classroom Management: Class Jobs
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Class Jobs Teach Responsibilitiy to Students
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Classroom Management: Job Assignments

Class jobs teach responsibilities to students in school and in their personal lives.  While they do learn how to be responsible by taking care of their own possessions and keeping their desks tidy and properly arranged, a classroom job assists students in being a part of keeping the class running smoothly.  Assigning classroom jobs to your students will not only make them become more responsible at school, but it will be a great help to your classroom management.

Education provides students with a sense of knowledge, the feeling that they are capable and competent at executing tasks. This sense of self-worth and esteem can be taught alongside responsibility by assigning ‘classroom jobs’ to young learners.  Not only does the concept of a classroom job provide students with an introduction to the importance of playing roles in social situations, it also provides a level of efficiency to the educators.

How many times a day do you ask students to pick up after themselves or to close the door behind them?

Simply assigning the roles is a good way to ensure that they are done halfheartedly.  Instead, engage students by asking them to apply for the roles they would like to perform. By displaying the jobs openly that students have chosen for themselves, you can instill appreciation for hard work in students from a young age.

There are certain steps to take when doling out jobs.  First of all, make a list of class jobs that are to be assigned.  You could have the students help you create this list.  Next, display the open jobs so students can select which job they are interested in.  And finally, create a job application for students to apply.  Make sure to maintain your system by making sure those with the assigned jobs are the ones actually doing them.

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