Classroom Management Ideas to Calm Students During Transitions

Doing Yoga in Class helps kids focus -

Classroom Management can be used to describe a lot of things in a classroom. However, transition times between activities – especially those that happen outside the classroom like lunchtime – are especially challenging. When kids enter a new period in school after lunch, or maybe another class like PE,  they are quite energetic and it’s hard to get them under control.

The trick is to plan a daily task for your class that will give your students a concrete set of things to do so they know what to expect or to plan activities that make them want to participate. Teachhub has put together a list of great classroom management techniques and activities to help teachers manage these transition periods.

Doing Yoga in Class helps kids focus -
Doing Yoga in Class helps kids focus –

Ideas like Reading a book out loud with your class, having the students write in a journal, and a group yoga lesson on the classroom rug are just a few.  These types of activities will help kids relax and re-focus all their energy on you and your class. In addition to activities, there are also some suggestions on how to reduce the chaos and manage the flow of students back into your classroom during these transitions as well.

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Use Classroom Management to Calm Your Students

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