Clear and Specific Instructions Support Good Classroom Management

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Clear and Specific Instruction Supports Good Classroom Management
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Good classroom management is most effective when you are providing clear and specific instructions for your students, as well as letting them know what’s coming next and how long what they’re doing will last.

Michael Linsin speaks about effective classroom management. His main point is the necessity to make sure to perform with consistency in every activity that you do in the classroom.

Are you able to define where your boundary lines are with your students?

Linsin underscores this necessity with regards to discipline, noting that it is much like a choreographed danced. If both the teacher and students know the expectations and consequences for not following those consequences, then the teacher will ultimately have more consistent results in terms of positive student behavior.

It is clear that if the teacher is clear with what they expect, what their boundaries are, and what the consequences are, then both teachers and students will be much more content in the classroom environment. This concept also can be applied to curriculum as well, generating more consistent performances from students.

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