Learning Coding can Transform Lives

Coding Influences and Transforms Lives
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Learning Coding can Transform Lives
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How can coding be useful in supporting students’ understanding of math concepts?

There is a great overlap in the skills required to solve math problems and code, such as perseverance, critical thinking, and intense problem solving.  However, it’s important to make sure that teaching coding for kids does not interfere with the process of teaching mathematics.

Coding can be challenging to teach or learn, but it can be a very useful bridge to math.

If you’ve ever asked yourself “Why teach coding,” then you must read this article. Learning coding can transform and significantly impact your students’ lives.  The influence of technology — as an outcome of computer code — on this world is unbelievable.  What used to be believed of as not even being possible has now been made very possible.

What’s more astonishing is that our technological achievements are continuously unlocking new options. This would imply that studying technology and its original language — “coding” — is exceedingly important.

Knowing how to code will end up being incredibly significant as times goes by.  President Obama said it himself, “that American students should learn computer science if we want to stay on the cutting edge and remain competitive.”

For a more in-depth understanding of coding, please see the full article here:

Here’s Why I’m Going To Teach My Math Students To Code

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