Confidential Tips from Substitute Teachers

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Confidential Tips from Substitute Teachers
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Substitute teaching can be quite a demanding profession.  And of course it’s particularly difficult if you are new to teaching. so naturally it’s going to be intimidating. To help relieve some of your anxiety, here are some confidential tips from substitute teachers.

All through the years, how substitute teachers have been viewed has not really changed much at all. If you can recall back to when you were in school, you may remember seeing a substitute teacher and then attempting to get away with anything and everything you can. Today, students still try to aggravate and take advantage of the situation.

As a substitute teacher, how should you enter the classroom?

The first step to making sure you last as a substitute teacher is to be confident and make sure the students are aware that you are a certified teacher just like their regular teacher, and that the reason you are in the classroom is to help. Introduce yourself and recognize that their regular teacher is not there today.

How you enter the classroom will set the tone for the entire day.  If you enter the classroom trying to be friends, kids will take advantage.  It’s better to enter and set boundaries and get control from the start.  Be clear with your expectations and classroom rules.

Never let students see you sweat.  The most awful thing that a substitute teacher can do is permit students see them upset. If kids see you lose control, you’re not going to fare well for the day. If the day’s lesson ends early, try a few tactics that will make you and the students happy.  You could play a game, offer time to do homework or read a book, or simply give them free time to choose what they’d like to do.

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