Creating with Foam Blocks

Do you have a little one on your holiday shopping list that loves to build? Allow him or her to exercise a growing imagination with Wonder Foam Blocks. Instead of playing a battery toy that requires either staring at a computer screen or video game screen for hours or basically plays by itself’, foam blocks are great for hand eye coordination, spatial recognition and just plain fun.

Appropriate for kids ages 3-years old and up. This amazing set of blocks comes with 152 pieces, the largest being 12-inches by 6-inches and 2-inches thick.

Wonder foam blocks are made in bright colors and not only help children maximize their learning of their colors and shapes, but are great toys that help with cooperative play in a group setting. Each child can take turns creating the structure. It’ll be different every time and a game children will look forward to playing. These blocks are can be used in the bathtub! It’s also easy to keep these blocks neat, when you’re kids are done playing – the blocks fit neatly in their own storage bag that comes with this set.

Give your kids a fun gift that will light up their minds with all the new structures and creative buildings they can make, get them Wonder Foam Blocks this holiday season.

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