A Different World for People with Disabilities

photo credit: www.supportforspecialneeds.com

With the impending world according to president-elect Trump, many are worried that it is going to be a different world for people with disablities.  Many people thought Donald Trump being in the race for President was just a joke at first.  However, we all soon realized that this joke has turned into a terrible reality.

Did you know that there is a possiblity that the Department of Eduction could be abolished?

The world saw when the president-elect made fun of people with disabilities.  If you are classified as different in any way in this world, you already have to have a tougher skin to survive the hard stuff, and things may be even more difficult with Trump’s bad example of disrespect towards people with disabilities.  In addition, one of Trump’s proposals for education is to get rid of the Department of Education, which would abolish legal protection for free appropriate education.

The world may be more free with teasing and derogatory comments.  So before your kids get on the bus and go into a tougher world, you may have to make them aware that they need to navigate in the world a little more carefully because they are more vulnerable.

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