Do You Really ‘See’ Your Child?

Parents should ask if their children feel as if they are being embraced by them. It is important to know if they child feels like they are being seen for who they are, or if the parent only sees the child for what the parent wants the child to be. Many parents exhaust themselves by putting their kids in too many activities, and attempt to create a rigorous schedule, but research shows that hyper-parenting is not the most effective way to raise children. Children mainly just need a parent who shows up and embraces them, and that is when children achieve more positive outcomes. Showing up means that the parent must be fully engaged and bring their whole being to their child. Instead of judging their children, parents should be fully engaged with them, curious about them and see the child for who they really are.

Key Takeaways:

  • Do you ever wonder if your children actually feel seen by you?
  • Hyper-parenting is pretty popular these days, trying to give our kids the best of literally everything.
  • Showing up for your children means being emotionally and mentally present for them.

“Do they feel truly seen for who they are — not for who we’d like them to be, and not filtered through our own fears or desires?”

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