Do You Really ‘See’ Your Child?

The best way to raise your kid’s is to just be there. Research on child development shows that for a child to grow up to be happy and have a successful life is for the child to have be raised with a supportive caring parent. It is best for the parent to use the four S’s in raising the child, make the child feel safe from harm, seen by the parents and cared for, soothed from pain, and secure. If you truly see your child for who he/she really is then he/she will pick out people to have a relationship with that truly see them too.

Key Takeaways:

  • Successful parenting means making your children feel safe, soothed, seen and secure.
  • Today’s intensive hyper-parenting often overlooks the importance of truly seeing our children.
  • Parents should look at their kids with an attitude of curiosity rather than judgement.

“We all know we should keep our kids safe and secure, and most of us believe we should soothe them when they’re upset. But what about really seeing them?”

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