Does physical activity have special benefits for people with autism?


Physical activity is even more beneficial to those on the spectrum than neurotypical (NT) children due to how it can improve many areas that they struggle with such as fundamental motor skills. By sampling a variety of different activities, you can find which ones adapt well with the child so that they reach the optimal benefit. Simple activities such as walking to school can greatly increase their level of physical activity throughout the day without being too physically enduring.

Key Takeaways:

  • Physical activity can help with fundamental gross motor skills which many people on the spectrum struggle with.
  • Try to start small such as engaging on walks to school or other activities that are easy to adapt to.
  • Sample a variety of exercises in order to see which exercises they enjoy participating in the most.

“And now ? thanks to a growing number of studies involving youth with autism ? we can confidently say that physical activity provides them with a wide range of benefits.”

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