Dollhouses have been around for thousands of years. Of course, they have not always been called dollhouses. The earliest examples of a miniature house, or dollhouse, were found in the Egyptian Tombs of the Old Kingdom. Although know one knows, they were probably used for religious purposes. Dollhouses have come a long way since that time.


In early European times dollhouses were constructed by hand. Individual craftsmen would construct these dollhouses to order. Germany became the first country to mass-produce dollhouses up until World War II. Due to the war, production plummeted. By the 19th century, dollhouses were being made in North America. Germany was the producer of the most prized dollhouses.

After WWII dollhouses started to be mass-produced on a large scale. By the 1950s, the typical dollhouses were painted sheet metal filled with plastic furniture. Around this time was when dollhouses became very popular to the young American girl. The craze is still alive today. Dollhouses can be seen in toy store all across the country. Although it is not as popular today, your can still find craftsmen who make hand crafted dollhouses.