If you think all educational toys need to be dull because they are learning toys, think again. Many toys are fun and educational and it’s been proven through study after study that children learn best and retain that knowledge and skilled learned through play.


You can make your child’s room or their classroom a fun learning area. Start off by using an educational rug that will stimulate learning by teaching the ABC’s and 123’s. These fun designs have great color and are built to last. Classroom rugs are also a great way to organize your students, especially rugs with grids. It’s a great way to encourage physical activity as well as learning.
Blocks are another great item for learning. You can get all sorts of blocks that will encourage letter and object recognition. Plus your children can use a learning rug as a foundation to play with their blocks or other toys on and keep the learning fun.
If you’re looking for some educational items that won’t put your kids to sleep, be choosy and add items that offer a lot of opportunities for both learning and fun.