Entertaining Halloween Ideas for your Classroom

photo credit: www.teachhub.com

Halloween is fun time for both kids and adults, but is there a way to use the fun of Halloween as a teaching aid in high school? There are many fun Halloween ideas for your classroom.

Are you looking for some fun Halloween activities for kids in your class?

Sure, you need to be careful about it – high school kids are too old for costumes and trick-or-treating.  Still, there are many ways of using the mood of Halloween to enhance learning.  How about using mystery and horror short stories to help students explore an author’s style in an English class?

In math class, students’ plans to turn the gym into a haunted house can be used to review basic math concepts. Excerpts from books, TV shows and movies on serial killers can be used in psychology class. Unsolved mysteries in the past (Jack the Ripper, Amelia Earhart’s disappearance) can be brought up in social studies class.

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