Even Bears Like our Hammocks!

Quality Hammocks at affordable prices

bear in a hammockPeople know that they should keep their distance from bears. They usually will leave us alone unless they feel threatened or are protecting their cubs. However one bear must have needed a little “me time” as seen in this video at http://www.cnn.com/2014/05/31/us/florida-bear-in-hammock/.



You can relax just like the Floridian bear in a wonderful La Siesta Hammock. Whether it’s a hammock for one, two or for the whole family we’ve got you covered. We also have hammocks with spreader bars that some prefer over the standard banana style hammocks like on Gilligan’s Island. We also have hanging kits and hammock stands to get you chillaxin’ fast.

SensoryEdge is proud to offer the worlds best hammocks made by La Siesta. They create little details that make their products stand out and unique. Everyone who lies down in a LA SIESTA hammock lets his or her hands glide over the fabric with closed eyes.

Special processing provides the materials with their unique characteristics. While the fabric is usually finished on modern looms, the suspension parts and ropes are handcrafted in many steps.

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