There are often two types of educators found in the public school system: those who want to engage their students in meaningful life lessons, and those who are more focused on academic success. Finding a middle ground between these two types of teachers is the perfect balance, and there are many ways to encourage it to happen. Modeling the behavior that you want staff to exhibit is a great way to directly illustrate the type of energy that you would like them to display.

Key Takeaways:

  • Public schools typically include two forms of teachers: those who are dedicated to meaningful interaction, and those more focused on academic success.
  • The key is finding balance between both of these goals in order to maintain a successful team structure.
  • Display the behaviors that you would like to see staff engage in such as greeting students whenever they enter the building.

“In this current atmosphere of accountability, educators are often challenged with balancing the time it takes to participate in enriched activities that involve student engagement and academic excellence.”

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