Find Balance Between Teaching and Having a Personal Life

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Find Balance Between Teaching and having a Personal Life
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Do you struggle to find balance between your profession and having a personal life?  One teacher decided to go from working 60-hour work weeks to leaving within 30 minutes of class dismissal. In the end she was was able to reclaim her life outside of school, and simplify her teaching.

This was accomplished by better time management, using checklists, turning off the computer when the school day is over, limiting how often e-mails are checked, and with better task scheduling.

Do you think staying late after the school day ends makes you a better teacher?

In addition to managing time during the day, changes need to be made outside of the classroom. Again this one teacher learned to use her time at school to grade papers, committed to events after school so she would have to leave the campus, and by learning to say ‘no.”  As a result, she ended up happier on the job, and no longer uses her sick days for stress-related illness.

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