Five Benefits of School Rugs: Warm, Safe, Quiet, Attractive and Long-Lasting

The benefits of a warm, comfortable, beautiful, stylish, cushioning, noise reducing, strong school rug make them a must-have for classrooms everywhere. The sizes and shapes can vary to fit any classroom situation. Many activities, such as exercise, group discussions and reading time, are more comfortable, intimate, and safer with a rug protecting and enhancing child education and activity.
Children crave the comforts of home when they are in a new environment. Teachers have used rugs to lesson a youngster’s anxiety. Gathering groups together to read and get used to each other is a great way to acclimate children to the newness and foreign feeling first-time usage of desks or first-time gatherings of large groups.
1. They are attractive: A well-crafted, good-looking rug ignites your child’s sense of personal taste. Rugs play a roll in what your child thinks about style, very important in early child development. Children may be the most sensitive to the stimulation of beauty and style. As articulation grows, the aesthetics of surrounding play a major part in defining the rate and clarity in which distinction becomes apparent to your child.
2. Warmth is good: Rugs have R-values (a measurement on how well heat is resisted or contained; much like a contractor uses to grade material). A good rug will stay warm longer in cold climates and have a higher R-value.
3. Rugs are safe: A rug cushions underfoot, is mild on backs and feet, reduces and lessens slips and injury. A rug guarantees increased protection over hard surfaces. This is obviously true and important in the case of very young pre-school aged kids.
4. It’s Quiet Time: For children sensitive to noise, a rug can absorb loud talking and other disturbances. Educational videos and electronic devices will not penetrate further than intended. Hallways and high-traffic areas can be a distraction to nearby classes in session unless they have rugs.
5. Long-Lasting is a big plus: A commercial quality rug will last many years. Quick vacuuming (except over the surge) and a couple good shake outs every few weeks will keep your classroom rug In good shape for many semesters and hundreds of kids.
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