Five Emergency Preparedness Items To Keep In Your Home




Almost every day, it seems, another disaster hits an area of the country. However, prepared home owners are better able to deal with emergency situations. Here are five ways home owners can prepare for an emergency.

Bring the Light

Home owners need to be prepared with alternate light sources. The most obvious source of light is the flashlight. Keep on hand several intense light flashlights with lots of extra batteries. Change out batteries on occasion to keep them fresh and usable. There are also lanterns available that give off very good light, have remote switches and that last for long periods of time on batteries. It does not hurt to keep candles and matches on hand as well. However, keep in mind the danger of an open flame to people and property and never use candles if a gas leak is suspected.

Feed the Body

Food is a critical emergency item. But this needs to be consumables that are easily accessible, easily opened and that do not require refrigeration or heat. Think in terms of what will safely sustain each family member when choosing not only the type of products, but also the quantity. In flood areas, it is important to also protect food products from water either by buying packages that will not be damaged or placing the food into protected containers. Water is part of food emergency items. Keep an emergency supply of water on hand.

Medical Needs

A first aid kit is essential for emergency situations. This kit needs to hold more than the basics. A first aid kit needs to be assembled that meets the medicals needs of the family. They may include special medications or other needed supplies.


Without heat, homes may get cold. If rain or flooding is a problem, a change of clothing is important. Also put aside ponchos and space blankets for each member of the family. It doesn’t hurt to have a waterproof backpack ready for go for each member of the family.


Staying in contact with the outside world, helps keep a person oriented and lets a person know when emergency instructions are being given. Keep a radio that can be wound up or that uses solar power. Also keep pen and paper on hand in case a message needs to be conveyed by hand.
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