Fold and Lock Storage Units: Safe, Sound, & Storage Stars!

Keeping classrooms organized is a tough task even for teachers with the best intentions. It’s really hard to keep track of 30 plus kids at a time while making sure every supply, book, toy, or assignment is put back in its place. Options to keep a tidy class are cubbies, storage units with backs or open from both sides, and our new favorite the fold n lock

With schools beset by lack of funds, its important that when money becomes available that quality items are purchased instead of make shift items that will fall apart and prove dangerous to students. SensoryEdge features many storage units that arrive fully assembled with either long or lifetime warranties. Buyer beware, these units are expensive but the beauty of it is that once you buy one you’re set for a good long time.

Maxi-Mobile Fold-N-Lock

There is a problem dear reader! When these units are delivered full assembled, they’re not light. So you’ve got to be ready to get your fellow teachers and room parents to help get one of the storage units off the truck and wheeled into the class. The great thing is that many of the fold n locks are on casters so your only issue is making sure the unit is not damaged when it comes off the truck. Hopefully the driver will have a lift gate to make the transfer simple (we can only hope!)

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