From the Ground Up


Perhaps you’ve heard the expression “from the ground up” and the many different things it can mean or situations that it may refer to. Let’s add another meaning, actually a very literal meaning, when it comes to children.

Children spend a lot of time on the floor so it kind of makes sense to start there when beginning education or instruction. When something is on their level both literally and figuratively they tend to comprehend it quicker. So, while they are down there make the most of it by giving them something educational and fun to play on.

Or, more specifically, Educational Carpets that are fun and help kids learn. Some of these classroom style carpets have playing fields to challenge your friends to games like chess, checkers, Chinese checkers, tic-tac-toe, Parcheesi, Backgammon and even hopscotch. Other carpets have the alphabet, the numbers 1 – 10 and math symbols. These carpets are stain resistant and meet class one fire ratings. They come in several sizes and one is sure to be perfect for your needs.
Games Activity Playroom Rug
This type of play is great for kids as they do not see it as learning, to them it is just fun. As an adult you know that it is a trusted product and fun for your child. You will probably enjoy playing “from the ground up” as much as they will.

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