Fun Halloween Activities to Stir your Student’s Imagination

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Fun Halloween Activities to Stir your Student's Imagination
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Kids love Halloween and in class, they love Halloween activities.  You can inspire students do some fast composing by having them write responses to specific writing prompts that are interesting to them.

There are some very simple prompts that will help to inspire kids to be more imaginative.  All of the prompts offered are straight-forward to include on their own, but some of them can also be conjunction with whatever you are studying in the classroom.

Halloween is a lot of fun, and some of this fun can be brought right into the classroom and put into good use. In writing classes, a variety of writing prompts can be used to get the creative juices of the students flowing and see their imaginations soar.

What are some fun ways to inspire students’ to write?

What if you could create a monster? Write a poem about your favorite part of Halloween. Describe everything that happens after a kid goes trick-or-treating until he/she returns home. What kind of Halloween party would you like in class? Write a spooky story to tell around the campfire. The possibilities are endless. These ideas can be used independently or in conjunction with a story (Edgar Allan Poe, anyone?) or a suitable novel.

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