Genius at Work. Do you have an Art Table Handy?


Have a budding artist in the midst? A junior sculptor with busy hands? You will want to be sure to give your little Van Gogh or Michelangelo plenty of room to explore their creativity and complete their own masterpieces.


Children have such incredible imaginations and you want them to try to hold on to that as long as they can. Remember all of those “great adventures” that you had as a child? Was there anything better than a great journey into a jungle, or being the most famous person in the world? No, of course not, and when you remember these times you probably get a smile on your face.
Now it’s your turn to help create that for your child. Arts and crafts are a great way for children to express themselves. Look how they smile when you put one of their pictures on the fridge, even though there is more paint on them than the picture. Or when you place his or her homemade pottery bowl, at least you think it’s a bowl, not that it matters anyway, on display for everyone to see.
Take the time to find an area for your child where they can paint on their own kid size easels or sit at an art table made just for kids. Though if you asked nicely they will probably let you sit with them at “their” table. The one in the picture is made by Alex Toys, they’re known for their art products but also have a nice line of kids furniture.
Setting up an area for their arts and crafts will put a grin on their face and a smile in your heart and there is nothing better than that.
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