Genius busy bag ideas for church (and other quiet places)

a conductor leading a boys choir
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Whether you’re waiting at a restaurant or just need to entertain your kids with something productive while you cook dinner, a busy bag is a educational and creative option. You can pack them with stencils, flexible magnet figures, puzzle boxes, and dry-erase travel packs. It is important to note that items that come in tiny pieces or objects that can projectile should not be included in these bags. Since many kids get overwhelmed when met with too many choices, try to stick to only a few items.

Key Takeaways:

  • Busy bags of simple toys can keep a child engaged during times where screens can be a distraction.
  • Keeping their hands busy during church doesn’t mean that their minds can’t absorb the sermon.
  • Less is more-Kids get overwhelmed with too many choices, so keep the bags simple.

“But with a little preparation, you can make some awesome busy bags that your kids will enjoy and look forward to.”

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