Get Kids Involved in the Kitchen

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One great way to get your kids involved in the kitchen is to let them feel involved. Allow them to do simple tasks like opening packages, measuring liquids and dry ingredients and fetching bowls and pots for you. This can give a child a really great sense of involvement by helping you.
One great way to get your kids involved is to find out what your kids favorite recipes are. Kids love things like cookies, cakes and desserts obviously so why not let them get in on the fun of baking. One great all time baking classic are Rice Krispies Treats.
This recipe is quick, simple and most of all fun. One great idea is to have a separate batch for you kids to cook with while you do your own. Set out everything they’ll need like sugar, butter, oil etc. and let them follow along with you that way when you pull their batch out of the oven they’ll be able to see how all their hard work paid off.
Seeing what they’ve baked can be very big reward for the child, not to mention they get to lick the spoon! This idea can work with any of your child’s favorite snacks such as chocolate chip cookies, cakes, muffins or cupcakes. This idea is also perfect for the holiday season!
When it comes time to make ginger bread houses and ginger bread men don’t forget to let the kids get in on all the holiday cheer. Kids can also be great helpers for the Chanukah feast, whether its matzo balls or latkes kids can be a helping hand with all the festivities.
With eager imaginations and enthusiastic spirits having your children help you in the kitchen can be easier than you think. With the chaos of making sure you get dinner on the table on time, keeping everyone happy and cooking healthy meals it seems like challenge to integrate your child in meal preparations.
Ways of letting your child help in the kitchen is always in perspective of age and abilities. So given your child is capable and ready to help you in the kitchen it can be a great learning experience for them. With some simple tips your little chef will be on their way to culinary brilliance.
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