Give Your Child a Rocking Chair


Even in the modern day of video games, Wii, XBox, cell phones and other high tech inventions, kids still love to play and relax the old fashioned way. Give them a rocking chair to chill.

Most kids will drop the video games to fast moving game of War with an old deck of cards or boards games still bring many children joy. The difference? Most people believe it’s the actual “hands on” experience that you just don’t get with video and computer games. A keyboard or a joystick needs to be held – but the experience can’t be considered truly hands on.
Another once commonplace item that is making a comeback for kids is their own rocking chair. It’s a great way to harness young energy and the majority of children are naturally soothed by a gentle back and forth rocking motion.
When choosing a rocking chair for your child, make sure it is truly designed for a child as there are certain safety requirements for furniture for children such as the length of the rockers and the size of the space between the slats that won’t allow a little head to get caught between them.
Princess Mini Rocking Chair by Levels of Discovery
Another plus to purchasing a quality made rocker is that it will most likely last well past your child’s young years and when your child is a parent of their own – their rocking chair will be ready to provide a ready seat to their own child.
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