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In order for children to pay optimum attention and be at their best, they need to be able to get a good night’s sleep. Many behavior problems that don’t stem from a chemical imbalance can be treated effectively through diet changes and adequate sleep.
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Many parents let their children stay up late then let them eat sugary coated cereals for breakfast and by noon their kids are distracted and crashing from the sugar high they had at breakfast. This creates a vicious cycle for your child.
First of all, make their bedroom a pleasant and relaxing place to sleep. Get rid of the clutter. Teach your kids the old adage,”A place for everything and everything in its place”. You’ll be amazed at how much more centered your kids can be by just knowing where everything in their room is. Add shelves and storage bin racks if you need to.
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Next, make sure that your child’s mattress is comfortable. Their bed should be a place they look forward to laying their head every night, not a place where they wake up sore and uncomfortable from an over-used mattress or too soft mattress.
If it’s time to update your child’s bed, let them in on the decision making. If you’re upgrading from a crib to a “big boy bed” for your son, consider a fun bed shaped like a fire truck. For your little princess, a pink bed shaped like it came straight from Lady Guenivere’s boudoir. There are also traditional toddler beds and even bunk beds. If your child frequently has friends over for sleepovers, a bunk bed may be a great option.
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Much of your child’s attitude during the day will stem from the type of rest he is getting at night, make sure your child is sleeping well every night so he can be at his very best!
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