Good Vibes Happy Face Rug

Step into a World of Positivity and Joy. The Ultimate Classroom Companion for Seating and Play 

Seeking ways to establish a positive and enjoyable learning atmosphere for your students in the classroom? The ideal solution comes in the form of the “Good Vibes Happy Faces Rug,” a wonderful addition to any learning space. With its playful design featuring smiling faces, this rug not only adds a touch of brightness to your seating area but also fosters a sense of positivity and encouragement among the children.

Sizes: 5′ x 7’6 (28 happy faces) and 7’6 x 12′ (32 happy faces)

  • Built with high fiber density and an infusion dye process. This rug offers strength and durability
  • Includes antimicrobial and antistatic treatments plus Scotched protector. The rug resists soil and stains while maintaining indoor air quality standards
  • Made with Nylon w/Urethane Backing System, this rug boasts excellent flammability ratings as well as easy care for long lasting use

Infused with hues of sunbeams, warmth and cool, the Good Vibes Happy Faces Rug has groovy smiles that create peaceful vibes and a calm ambiance. Great for seating in classrooms, fun in playrooms and a place for multiple children to gather and get to know each other.

  • Made in the U.S.A. 
  • Highest fiber density, with an infusion dye process. Ensures bright lasting color.
  • Anti-Microbial and Anti-Static Treatment
  • Treated with Scotchgard protector for superior soil resistance.
  • 24 oz Nylon w/Urethane Backing System
  • Class I Flammability Rating and Indoor Air Quality passed.
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