While many children dread going to the doctor, it’s the time spent in the waiting room that parents find most difficult. But the right waiting room toys can make the situation bearable for everyone.
Hands On Wall Toys are a never-ending source of entertainment. These waiting room toys provide all the fun of finger painting, but without the messy paints. This cheerful looking wall unit looks something like a chalkboard, but actually uses heat sensitive film technology. All your child has to do is touch the board to make colors appear. He can draw pictures, write letters and numbers, or simply make his handprints. He’s only limited by his imagination when playing with these waiting room toys. Parents will be happy to know that these waiting room toys may also be wiped clean with disinfectant to prevent the spread of germs.
Giant Giggle Mirror waiting room toys are bound to bring a smile to even the sickest child’s face. Remember how much fun it was to stand in front of the fun house mirror at carnivals when you were a kid? These waiting room toys work the same way. Children can stand in front and get a laugh from their distorted refection. If they move just a little, the picture changes dramatically.
These waiting room toys can also be mounted in individual exam rooms to keep children occupied until it’s their turn with the doctor. They take up almost no space and will never be left scattered on the floor like the other waiting room toys.
Waiting room toys are a wise investment for all doctor and dental offices because if you keep your clients happy they’ll keep coming back.