Helping Kids with Problem Solving

Having children offers you a whole new perspective of the “ins and outs” and the “whys and how’s” of life. Has your child ever asked you a question that utterly left you speechless because you either did not know how to answer it, or you could not believe that they even thought to ask such a thing? Their minds are an amazing feature that parents sometimes take for granted, not realizing the capabilities that even a 4 year old has. During playtime with another child, there is bound to be conflicts between them. Problem solving is a life lesson to be taught as early as possible.
Problem solving skills not only relate to conflicts between people, or children, but they can be applied to something as simple as a child building a fort the way the imagine it. The 22 Piece Super Jumbo Foam Wonder Blocks make for a great problem solving tool. With these toy blocks, your child will be able to utilize them to create the fort that they envision. They will need to problem solve to make the blocks work for them. Also, if there is more than one child involved, conflicts between them are likely to occur. Not that you want them to fight or argue, but take advantage of the situation to teach the children skills for solving their woes.
Be sure to avoid saying phrases that indicate what they should not do. Rather, convey what they should do. Let them know that instead of raising their voice and screaming for their wants, make them understand that they should calmly explain that they wish to play with this toy, or what-have-you. With the Wonder Blocks, they will be able to problem solve their way to their forts, or other creations, while you might be given then opportunity to teach them a great life lesson.
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