Hot Tub Safety: How Young is Too Young?

Your hot tub is the perfect place to unwind or bond with your significant other, but is it safe for your children to join in? When you have children, it’s your duty as a parent to keep them safe, and it’s not always safe for a child to use a hot tub. Find out when it’s okay to let your child use the hot tub, and what you need to know to be sure that your child is always safe as they are enjoying the water and the bubbles. 

Infants and Toddlers Should Not Use a Hot Tub

After swimming in a cold pool, it might be tempting to pick your infant or toddler up and take them in the hot tub to warm up. This is not recommended because children under the age of 5 are much more sensitive to dehydration and overheating. Even a short period in the hot tub can leave your toddler dehydrated. It’s best to consult your physician and ask what the youngest age for a child to use a hot tub is before you remove the restriction. Your doctor should be able to tell you the guidelines based on the temperature of the water. 

Precautions When Allowing Children in the Hot Tub

If you have an older child who is trying to exercise their independence, you’re going to hear a lot of begging if you try and tell them no. Older children, generally ages six and up, can use the hot tub in small time increments. When your children are using the hot tub you should lower the temperature setting to 102 degrees or lower. This is a safer setting and better for your child’s sensitive skin. Younger children between 6 and 10, should only be in the hot tun for 5 to 10 minutes at a time. Those in their pre-teens may be able to relax safely for 20 minutes at a time. 

Other Safety Tips to Consider

Never leave your little one alone in the hot tub, even if they are a proficient swimmer. You should be in the hot tub or sitting close by to watch out for emergencies. It’s very easy for hair to get tangled in a drain cover or a suction fitting, so it’s best to have your child’s hair tied back in a bun.
Now that you know some of the guidelines, set aside some time to bond with your children in the hot tub if they are old enough. The two of your can relax, talk about school, and enjoy one of the best features of your backyard. 
Check out the Pool Safety Guide and the ground rules to keep your children safe.
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