School is an important aspect of a young child’s development, as they learn the basic foundational knowledge required in order to function in daily society. Homework can often be a point of difficulty for many students, and they often seek the advice of their parents if some work is too difficult. Parents should know the balance of when it is proper for them to help their child, and when the child needs to solve it themselves, to ensure proper development.

Key Takeaways:

  • Parents can play a vital role in their child’s homework by being involved and establishing good learning conditions.
  • Parents should also model similar behavior by doing their work assignments in front of the child to stress that completing projects is important.
  • Establishing a positive environment for your child and bestowing them with ownership is important too.

“Of course, homework needs to be constructive and an endless succession of uninspiring worksheets will never cut it. But if the tasks and activities asked of pupils either enhance or reinforce learning in some way, homework is worthwhile.”

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