Teaching is more than a profession; it is also a journey of sorts. The best measure of your teaching is how you influence or enrich the lives of the children that you teach. Unfortunately, teachers are often not able to see their influence since they do not keep in touch with the majority of students that they teach. This is why those in the teaching profession should find little ways that help you to determine if your methods are successful.

Key Takeaways:

  • Because of the nature of what they do,teacher’s are in the uniquely frustrating position of never seeing the ultimate results of their work.
  • Feedback loops are how the brain instructs us that we can expect X outcome when A and B are added together.
  • Without empirical data feeding these loops, teachers have to grope for bits of signals, such as a child’s body language, or a parent’s comment.

“The ultimate metric for your teaching is the quality of the lives of the children after your journey and their journey diverge which is, of course, borderline immeasurable.”

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