How The Lesson Study Approach Can Improve Your Teaching –

Lesson Study in the pursuit of professional development in teaching is an excellent way to not only improve what is taught but also build capacity in the teacher. The Lesson Study method be considered a cycle of study, plan, observe, reflect, re-vision, and re-teach. The Lesson Study is a collaborative process undertaken among a group of peer teachers. There are several goals beyond improving the lesson which include investigation, analysis, group study, challenging established methods, and group development.

Key Takeaways:

  • When teachers have the time to reflect and collaborate with others, they can understand students better.
  • Lesson Study tends to focus on the why of teaching more so than the what you’re teaching.
  • Lesson Study takes the knowledge that you gain from your own classroom and helps you develop that knowledge and learn how to share it.

“Teacher inquiry makes us question practices that have become stale, generate innovation, and create dynamic learning for ourselves and our students.”

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