How The Lesson Study Approach Can Improve Your Teaching –

The Lesson Study Approach can be used to build knowledge and focus on better teaching methods. Your teaching group can analyze each other’s teaching lectures by studying and planning each teacher’s daily plan. After observing the teaching lecture, the group can reflect on the lesson and revise it. Then the lesson can be taught again. Lesson Study can identify if the lesson is stale and can be updated. The Lesson Study started in Japan and has made its way to the United States.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learning and improving from our lessons as we teach can benefit both our students, and ourselves.
  • The knowledge and information we learn while teaching can be applied in a professional setting.
  • We can observe students studying our materials to improve our process and strategy, and identify pain points.

“When participating in Lesson Study, you will collaboratively plan lessons that become the focus of inquiry on effective teaching practices.”

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