How to Create a School Lunch Packing Station

Setting up a station in your home is a good way to involve your children in packing their own school lunches. The first step is to find a suitable space, for example, one with low enough counters that your kids can reach. Pre-select the foods from which they can choose the items they want. Try to represent all the food groups. Use storage bins or clear food containers to store the foods, then organize and label everything. Talk to your kids about the system at first. After a while, step back and let them pack their own lunches every day.

Key Takeaways:

  • You set your children up for success if they help you do chores like making their own lunches
  • Create a routine by picking a location that can be utilized each and every day
  • Lunches should always include multiple things that come from the pantry and from the refrigerator

“We have also found that kids are more likely to eat their lunch when they pack it themselves!”

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