How To Keep Your Toddler From Being Afraid Of The Dentist


A dentist is a normal human being who has a job to do that can be difficult at times. Sadly, there are a number of toddlers who do not understand this truth. In fact, they fear all dentists. Here are some helpful tips keep a toddler from being afraid of a dentist.
Visit the Facility Beforehand


To begin, one of the best ways in keeping a toddler from being afraid of the dentist is by having a parent show them that there is nothing to fear. It can help a toddler for a parent to take them on a special trip to see the dentist. There is a special purpose of the trip and that is to demonstrate that there is nothing to fear from the dentist or the staff at the facility. A call ahead to the clinic may be a good thing to do so that the staff will know that the parent and toddler are stopping by. A visit can enable a toddler to realize that there is nothing to fear. Eventually, when the toddler goes to see the dentist, they will remember the good experience they had before and are more willing to go.
Make Regular Appointments
Some toddlers equate fear and dentists since they go to see the dentist only when there is a problem. A way to combat this is to make regular appointments for a tooth checkup. That way, a toddler’s teeth is cleaned and they do not have to be concerned about receiving unwanted treatment.
Reward Good Behavior
After visiting the dentist take time and treat the toddler for an ice cream cone or a meal at a fast food restaurant. The purpose of doing this is to reward good behavior when visiting the dentist. The toddler will look forward to the next meeting after visiting the dentist’s office.
Talk About Potential Fears
Sometimes, the best way to prevent fears about visiting a dentist is to talk to a toddler about the experience. It can be quite easy for a parent to assume they know exactly everything that is going on in the head of their toddler. However, it is amazing what a little toddler is thinking. Therefore, talking about the upcoming dentist visit can help alleviate potential fears and establishes a closer relationship between the parent and toddler.
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