Important Conversations Parents and Teachers Need to Have

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There are certain important conversations parents and teachers need to have to ensure their children have a successful school year.

When it comes to finding out how your child is doing in school and what the classroom environment is like, sometimes asking your child will simply not be enough. In support of classroom transparency, it’s important to communicate with your child’s teacher.

What are some of the questions you need to ask your kids on a daily basis?

Always ask your kids what they did throughout the day.  Be interested in hearing all about their time at school.  Find out if your child is struggling with homework, separation anxiety, or social anxiety and see how you can help.  You can get help from the teacher by asking what you can ask and what you should be asking your children.  You are the greatest support system for your them.

By asking questions at home, your child will feel your support.  There are some things that the teacher would definitely want you to know, such as what technology could be helpful at home.  Teachers will welcome collaborating with you.

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