Indoor Exercise for Kids

One thing winter can bring on quickly is the feeling of being cooped up. Children get restless and by nature need to run and play and work off their energy. If the weather outside is too cold for your children to go outside and play, consider some activities that will allow them to get their exercise indoors.
Simple toys such as stepping stones that are cut in various shapes so children have to balance on each one as they hop from stone to stone is a fun way to build up your child’s coorindation as well as give them good exercise. Other great options are soft play climbers and mats by the Children’s Factory. Kids will spend hours climbing, rolling, and having a grand time on these safe and hygienic soft play products.
Another fun activity that even little ones can enjoy is an indoor trampoline. A folding trampoline that has a handle is a great way to encourage full range body movement along with safety. Your child can hold onto the stationary handle and jump to their heart’s content. The trampoline is extremely to set up and requires that you only put the legs in place, run the cord through the webbing of the trampoline and then secure a running over the edges of the trampoline with velcro closures. When your child is done jumping for the day, just remove the handle by unscrewing two large screws and then unlock and fold the legs under. The trampoline will remain flat and out of the way until your child is ready to jump again.
Another awesome option is indoor swings. Installing a support bar in any standard door frame allows you to add a net swing, strap swing, ladder, platform swing or trapeze bar. Not only do kids love playing on these, it helps them release that pent up energy.
You don’t have to let your children feel cooped up this winter, give them some fun indoor activities that will let them keep burn off some of their energy as well develop balance and coordination skills.
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