Innovative Way to Help Kids Fight Their Fear of the Doctor

Innovative Way to Help Kids Fight Their Fear of the Doctor
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Does your child go into panic at the idea of going to the doctors?  Every child needs pediatric care from time to time. However, between the fear of stark, sterile hospital environments, the pain of being stuck with a needle, and being examined by a physician, children can often become skittish. In addition, one screaming child can easily put the rest on edge, resulting in a loss of productivity and morale.

Does your child experience a lot of stress when faced with going to the doctors?

This fear of medical treatment is ages old, and modern hospitals are using innovative techniques to minimize this. The Hague Hospital recently opened the Juliana Children’s Hospital. Using digital, animated characters to guide and accompany children throughout their hospital stay is one of the ways the hospital comforts young patients. These characters appear all over the hospital to help kids forget they are actually in a hospital.  Even the elevators have animated scenes that appear on each floor.  Five animated characters accompany children down hallways, on iPads, and into the operating rooms.

In addition, there are play areas with play structures that include an airship and a play ship.  By allowing children to forget where they are, care providers have a much easier time ensuring quality medical treatment.

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