Integrating Technology in the Classroom by Using these Amazing (and FREE) Apps

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Integrating Technology in the Class by Using these Amazing (and FREE) Apps
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If you want to keep up with technology and make the best use of it to benefit your class, there are apps out there that can help you.  Integrating technology in the classroom is more and more prevalent.

If you want to better your home-school connection, there is an app for that.  If you want to make digital collections or enhance student conversation, there are apps for that too.

Are you using any apps in your class?

Teachers nationwide were polled about these free apps, and aside from the perk of being free, they agree that these apps can be very helpful in the classroom.  Many of the teachers praised the Fresh Grade Technology app for it’s help in managing classroom documents and daily activities with common core easily accessible right in the app.

Communication is key in education, so teachers have begun to rely on Bloomz for parent-teacher dialogue.  This replaces the hassle of buried emails from parents who simply want to track what is going on in the classroom.  Bloomz is an app that offers parents and teachers a better way to communicate. Teachers can post class updates, pictures and reminders, and instantly message parents, send alerts, and schedule teacher conferences all within the app.

Another app also worth using is Class-Dojo, which allows parents to track their student’s behavior.  This is an online classroom management method that follows student conduct in real time, while giving students and parents immediate feedback via a visual tracker. It was created to assist students’ behavior in keeping on track and at the same time making sure parents are in the loop.

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