Is it Summer yet?

It’s almost that time of year again. You know, the time where the most often heard phrase is “I’m Bored”. Yes, summer is great, but, as with anything else that is considered good, it does come with its own set of problems.
For instance, when school is in session, you usually only have to deal with the full-blown “I’m bored” syndrome on the weekends. Made manageable with the knowledge that school starts again in two days.
The fact that you are visiting SensoryEdge indicates that you know exactly where to go to get help. Browse through our large collection of educational toys, kids furniture, and outdoor play and you wont be disappointed.
The weather in summer demands outdoor activities and truthfully, so do parents. Why not set up a Princess Castle Play Tent for your little princess and, of course, her royal court. The Secret Castle Bed Tent is also a great addition to her kingdom. She’ll have dreams of handsome prince’s, horse driven carriages, and tea parties with her royal puppet friends.
Got a yard full of rowdy cowboys and Indians? Try the Giant Kid’s Teepee Play House for hours of fun. What do you do when there is an excited group of hunters on the loose? Set up the Jungle Safari Tent and Tunnel Combo and round them up.
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