Jigsaw Learning In Physical Education

Elliot Aronson developed the Jigsaw Learning method back in the 1970’s, and it surrounds cooperative learning through assigning active roles to each student. This can be done by the educator splitting the students into groups of four to six, and then given a specific lesson that they need to become well-versed in. One expert from each group will end up going around to other groups, acquring the information that the other group’s expert has become proficient in, and then they will return to their original group with their findings.

Key Takeaways:

  • It can be very challenging, especially when teaching content-heavy subjects, to center the learning delivery process on the students and less on the teacher.
  • One method involves dividing the learning materials and the students into smaller units.
  • Smaller groups of students work on becoming expert at one topic and then regroup with other expect to share what each has learned.

“What I love most about the jigsaw method is how its design provides every student with an opportunity to have their voice heard and to feel that they are essential contributors to the group.”

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