Keeping Your Kids Entertained on the Road

This upcoming Easter weekend will entail many family trips to visit relatives and there’s nothing more challenging than traveling with young children. Before getting asked “Are we there yet?” for the millionth time and you aren’t even out of town yet, you might consider taking along some toys that will keep the kiddos busy as well as keeping their minds active and learning.

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The Magnetic Pattern Block Kit from Melissa and Doug is an excellent toy to take along on a trip, either in a vehicle or airplane. The kit comes complete with everything your kids need to stay occupied while also learning shapes and logical ways to arrange things.

This kit has a magnetic board with a wooden frame and 120 magnetic wooden shapes. There are durable, coated pattern cards that the child simply puts into the wooden frame above the magnet board and then chooses the shapes to fill in the picture. The magnetic pieces will stick to the board right through the pattern card. Once your children have mastered the pattern cards, you can design your own using typing paper or invite your kids to design their own free form shapes directly on the magnetic board.

This toy is great for ages three and up and you can talk to little ones about how many sides triangles, squares and rectangles have. The differences in shapes and even point out road signs along the way that match certain blocks.

The entire kit comes in a durable carrying case with an easy access zipper pocket so small hands will have no problem getting into their kit and creating hours of fun on the road and off.

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