Key Features You Should Know Before Becoming a Teacher

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Key Features You Should Know Before Becoming a Teacher
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Becoming a teacher is an admirable profession, and while you might believe that you know precisely what it takes to become a teacher, you’ll find that different teachers have different ideas, and there are key features you should know before becoming a teacher.

The truth is that while teaching is a very rewarding profession, it can be difficult at the start. New teachers are sometimes surprised by how teaching seems to differ from what their preparation and prior life experience led them to expect.

Student teaching may help train you to become a teacher, but it doesn’t completely teach you everything you’re going to need to know.  There are some things you simply have to discover on your own. Nonetheless, with a few tips, a new teacher can get off to a great start.

How significant are your own personal school experiences in shaping your expectations?

A couple of sources of unrealistic expectations are the experience of student teaching and your own most-important school experience. Every grade and classroom is different, so your new job may bear little resemblance to these prior experiences that you’ve had.

Also, interactions with other people will provide challenges: parents can be difficult to deal with, and it may take more time than you hoped for to build up respect from your students. School funding is yet another impediment, and finally, you will likely invest your own money to give your students the best experience possible.

Having said all this, the rewards of teaching are tremendous. You’ll get much support from your fellow teachers, who will most likely become life-long friends. You’ll get better at using technology to help with your lessons. And most importantly, you’ll permanently enrich the lives of many eager young minds.

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