KidKraft Limited Edition Toy Box

Kids bedrooms can become messy places very quickly. With that said, we have a wonderful way to help you organize your child’s room. The KidKraft Limited Edition Toy Box is a great way to store your child’s items. It will also look fantastic in their room for the years to come.
The KidKraft Limited Edition Toy Box is a sturdy, durable wooden toy chest that will fit all of your needs. This toy box can store books, toys, shoes and games. This toy box features a safety hinge so there is no chance of accidental closure of the lid. Casters are included to make the toy box easy to move.
This toy box is available in natural, white, honey, black and cherry finishes. Whichever finish you choose, you will certainly have a fine piece of furniture for your child’s bedroom. It is time to organize that messy bedroom.
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