Kids First Sleepover Survival Guide

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Your child’s first sleepover away from home is a bid deal. Not only is it something enjoyable for your child and his friends or relatives, but it also asserts a first step in independence. As much fun as your child will have, though, sleeping away from you, his bed, and room can also cause a fair share of anxiety for him…and for you! To help this milestone go more smoothly, follow these simple steps for worry free sleepovers:
Inform the caregiver of any bedtime routines your child is used to. If there will be other kids there they may be so busy playing, your child won’t even miss hearing a lullaby or reading a book. A trip to grandma’s house however, may require more strictly adhering to the usual routine. This will give your child a sense of familiarity and security, so he may not become quite so homesick.
Plan ahead. If there will be no scheduled activities, movies, or games planned at the sleepover; pack them yourself. If your child stays busy having fun, he won’t have time to miss you!
Go have fun yourself. Letting go of your baby is hard and you will undoubtedly second guess letting your child stay away. Is he scared? Is the mattress too lumpy? Did he eat his peas? Quiet your overactive imagination by seeing a movie, having a date with your spouse, reading a book, or taking a long hot bath. If you have other children, take them someplace special like the park or to get ice cream. Anything fun and distracting.
Be prepared to pick up your child. No matter how well prepared you are, it may just be too early for an overnight. It is perfectly normal for a first timer to become scared or home sick, and letting your child know that you are ready to come to the rescue will instill confidence in you for the next go round.
For more comfortable stay always with less fuss, we recommend a cozy soft and plush Slumber Bag , your little one will sleep soundly and so will you.
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